Omoshiroi Block 3d Memo Pad

 Welcome to the Omoshiroi Block Online Shop! Here you’ll find a variety of fun, original products from all over Japan that I’ve picked out especially for you. Be sure to check back often, as I’m always adding new items!

Omoshiroi Block,we also call it interesting note block,a specrial type of memo pad,utilizes laser-cutting technology to create what is.Design in Japan,Manufacturer in China,Omoshiroi means “interesting” in English,We have more then 20 types of sharps in stock,piano,violin,camera,Tokyo Tower, Asakusa ,Kyoto -HANA-,Kyoto -TSUCHI.

FAQ Of Omoshiroi Block

What Is Omoshiroi Block ?

It is a piece of craftsmanship using pieces and pieces of high-quality paper,
It is perfect for memos and message cards.

Omoshiroi Block is a simple, quick, and easy block to organize all your notes. Whether it’s a shopping list or a work plan, once you start using it, you will wonder how did you ever live without this!

How to use Omoshiroi Block?

To use a memo pad, and leaves behind a delightful sculpture worth keeping even after all the notes have been used up.

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Happy Clients

I am running a small drop shipping business,and With drop shipping, there’s no worrying about warehousing and inventory costs. You don’t have to spend a dime on buying stock before you make sales.
K Mart
Drop Shipping Industry
We are a university procurement office and always look for some creative gifts, for graduates, freshmen. I found this factory by chance and told them our ideas Their designers are very patient and professional in communication. They suggested that we could make a 3d art memo pad as the prototype of our school. Finally, after 4 working days, our design comes out. We really impressed. It's very exquisite. our students like it very much. I will work with this factory more time .
Uniersity Office